438 Words About Fear

My niece wrote this the other day. What she wrote about is so true and needs to be shared. It is a wonderful reminder when fear starts to creep into our lives. Remember fear can never survive around perfect love! ☺️

Lara ~

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Wanderlust Leah

As I was packing this morning for my flight home, I had mixed feelings about stepping onto an airplane. Given recent events, flying from Spain to Germany isn’t my favorite idea right now. Statistically, it isn’t very probable that anything out of the ordinary will happen. But…BUT…if…maybe…

These are the words that plague my mind when I think about it too much. A museum shooting. A deliberate plane crash. What if it happens to me? What if it happens to someone I know?

I recently had the pleasure of sitting next to a priest on a trans-Atlantic flight. (For the second time – what are the odds?) I’m not sure how we arrived at the topic of fear, but we did and I remember he quoted a Bible verse that I knew from my youth. He said “Perfect love casts out fear.” It comes from 1 John 4:18. And as…

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