In The Game

This is the third song on my Devoted EP called, “In The Game.” I cowrote this with my producer and wonderful songwriter, Matt Kees.

Life can seem so stressful and just plain ol’ to much to handle at times, making it seem like we are in a game that we will never be able to win. This song shares the struggles, but also provides a way out through our Saviour Jesus, who already won the game. He has given us a chance to make the slate clean and start over with His help and guidance. I love this song. It is truly a song of hope.


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New Debut EP “Devoted”

It is almost done!  Matt and I are sorting out the mix for “Coming Down.”  Once that is done, he will start mastering the songs.  I am hoping it will be finished this month!  Whoo hoo!!!!  I never realized the recording process was truly a recording “process!”   Since I am SUCH a visionary it was easy for me to glamorize being a singer/songwriter.  Yes, there are many things that are fun and amazing, but there also is work and coordinating and misunderstandings and sickness and being exhausted and regular everyday life.

My journey has been very colorful; always moving, always evolving.   It also has kept bringing me back to the loves of my life.  What do I truly value?  I value the relationship I have with my husband.  I value investing time, energy, and faith into my children.  I value encouraging others that God puts in my life through teaching voice and piano, through singing and songwriting and through bonding with other moms.  I value my friends.  I value my extended family.  I value my alone time with God.

Reading the list back I realize it is already a long one.  There have been times when my values go on the back burner because I am on my computer too much, or I am running errands a lot, or I am too busy cleaning the house to stop and play with my kids, or I have over scheduled myself with other things, or I am obsessing over my songs, etc.  I start putting value on those things and holding them higher than my true values.  My life’s  journey thus far has shown me that it is important to invest in what I value most.  The other things will always demand for my attention.  When that happens to pray and ask for God’s strength and for His help to orchestrate it all each day.  He really does.  He is always faithful to help me out.  I don’t know how He does it.  When I don’t pray, my days usually end up stressful and frustrating.  When I do I find that what looked overwhelming at the beginning of the day turned out to be easier than I expected.  I also 9 times out of 10 accomplish the tasks on my list sheet without a hitch.

I love blogging, because there are not rules.  I can go off in different directions and it is okay. lol.

I am seeing the dawning of a new day breaking through my window.  Everyone is still asleep.  Our church band played in downtown Pleasanton last night.  Our kids didn’t get to bed until 2 hours passed their original bedtime.  I like it when they sleep in. he he.  God has blessed Brian and I with a wonderful band to share life with.  They are great.

Oh I am hearing stirring.  The kids must be up now.  I will let you know when the EP is finished.  Very exciting stuff!

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Album Update ~

Well, I finished the vocals on  “Glory, Glory To God” and “Coming Down.”  Matt is super busy with the CMS conference in New York this week so the songs are on hold.  Which is fine.  Those conferences that they put on are awesome.  They are life giving for worship leaders and musicians in the church.  My husband and I try to go every year.  Our drummer is on the bandwagon as well (pardon the pun lol).  He doesn’t want to miss one either.

My good friend is also helping me with my “Beginnings” CD cover.  I need to mail the hard copies out to my supporters who have purchased it.  I wanted to send it with a picture, but I didn’t know how to do that .  She did though!  I wasn’t sure if I should be sending that demo cd out since the songs on there aren’t as strong as the ones I am working on now and some of them need to be rewritten, but a friend of mine said she was listening to it the other day and was blessed by it.  I realized then that God can use my offerings for His purposes at any time.  I was so thankful.  Plus, that demo album of songs is really meant to document where I have been over the years.  I want people to see that I have had a journey as a songwriter.  I don’t plan on becoming famous or anything, but I have had the experience as a new songwriter looking at these accomplished writers thinking they had it all together, they already were great to begin with, and who am I to think I can be a songwriter like them.  (I still have my moments of doubt) But, I have a heart to encourage beginning songwriters that everyone has a starting point. Yes, some have been born stronger writers than others, but we all have a beginning song.  The ones I wrote that are on the cd aren’t even my first songs.  Those were awful!  Ask my dad.  I showed him my first song and he looked at me like I had just drawn my first picture of a person (if you are a parent you know exactly what those look like) and told me to keep working on it. I was 20.  I was ready to throw in the towel right then and there.  Very humbling. lol.  I am glad I didn’t though because I love to listen to the songs that have come from my heart.  They are my journal and very special to me.  I love seeing the growing process in me.  I think I am getting better and better as I keep writing and pursuing my gift.  Plus, it is so much fun to be surrounded and inspired by other songwriters.  To anyone who is struggling with insecurity, don’t give up.  The joy comes from the journey not accomplishing our dreams and visions that we have a tendency to chase after.  They spur us on to continue, but they don’t provide the ongoing joy.   With God we can do all things.

What is the next step in the recording process?  I am going to be starting to write three more songs for the album.  I can’t wait.  Now that I feel there is nothing more to do on the other ones I can be freed up to be creative again in the writing process.  I still get nervous and have insecure thoughts, but when they come I remember that they are not of the Lord.  I don’t need to be afraid.  I can have fun.  These songs will come together somehow.  Plus, I have other songwriters to help me in the refining process.

Pretty soon my EP will be out with three songs to showcase what is to come on the debut album.  I can’t wait for you to hear them.  I can’t wait to start singing them live.  Very exciting stuff.

Til next time.  Have a great week!

Lara~ & itunes