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Happy 2017!  Can you believe we are in the year 2017?  I am really having a hard time coming to terms with this.  =)  Well 2016 was a good year, full of learning experiences and rest.  God was faithful and a good, good Father and I know He will continue to be this year!

Through prayer, I am starting back up on Periscope again in a more focused and structured manner.  I really feel led to broadcast about things that I am passionate about.  So I am including my schedule on this post for those of you who would like to join me in the broadcasts that matter to you! periscope-broadcast-sheet

We will begin our study in the Book of Matthew today at 9am p/t.  Then, I will teach a vocal class at 11am p/t.  Lastly, we will have some casual worship time at 6:30pm p/t where I will lead you in worshipping the Lord through song, with prayer time at the end.  It is going to be a good day!

Hope you will be able to join me on Periscope.  Here is the link to my Periscope page:

Blessings to you as you go into this year.  It is my prayer that God’s Holy Spirit will draw you closer to Him.



By The Streams Of Grace

Here is another song I wrote years back.  It is based out of Psalm 23, my absolute life verse.

By The Streams Of Grace

©2007 Lara Marriott

By the streams of grace I find You

Down the paths of righteousness

In the stillness of Your mercy

Is where I long to rest

By the streams of grace I find You

You supply what I need

A place where Your abundance flows

You renew me


By the streams of grace You restore my soul

By the streams of grace is where Your love is shown

You’re my shepherd, my father

I serve and adore

I long for nothing, but to be

By Your streams of grace


Your rod and staff protect me

Through the valley of dark despair

You are walking right beside me

Taking me away from all my fear

Your rod and staff; they guide me

Your blessings are awaiting me

It is only in You I trust for

You are saving me, Oh


By the streams of grace You restore my soul

By the streams of grace is where Your love is shown

You’re my shepherd, my father

I serve and adore

I long for nothing, but to be

By Your streams of grace

By Your streams of grace

I will forever rest

By Your streams of grace

By the streams of grace I find You

New Devotional – Experiencing God ~

I have started reading from a “new” devotional called, “Experiencing God” by Henry T. Blackaby & Richard Blackaby.  Yesterday’s devotion was soooo good I just had to share it with you.  I’ll make a little plug for them by directing you to amazon if you’d like to get a copy for yourself.  Click here:  NOTE!!–  Those of you who are part of the women at Centerpointe Church, DON’T purchase one!  Just attend our Harvest Gathering November 16th. 😉

Experiencing God – October 31st

A Defeated Enemy

“Christians are not called to defeat Satan.  God has already done that in Christ!  Nor is it our mandate to “bind” Satan.  Jesus has already set limits on the extent and duration of Satan’s freedom.  Satan, “our ancient foe,” was decisively and completely defeated by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and in His resurrection.  With regard to Satan, our assignment is to trust in the victory that Christ already achieved and daily resist him with the truth of his defeat, as Jesus did.

Satan is the father of lies and a master deceiver (John 8:44).  If he can convince you that God has not defeated him, then you will not experience Jesus’ victory.  You will find yourself fighting battles that Christ has already won!  You will fear Satan though he has already been utterly and humiliatingly defeated.  Your responsibility is to resist Satan, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).  When you resist him, you are acknowledging that Jesus has defeated him and given you victory over his influence.  God has provided you with spiritual armor that is more than sufficient to withstand any assault by Satan (Eph. 6:10-20).

Christians can become preoccupied with battling Satan.  This deceives them to invest their time and energy attempting to do something that Christ has already done for them.  If Satan can divert you to wage a warfare that has already ended in surrender, he will have eliminated your effectiveness where God wants you.  Fearing Satan is fearing a prisoner of war.  You have no need or calling to defeat Satan; you need only to apply Christ’s victory in every area of your life and to live the victorious Christian life.”


I hope that encourages you today as it did for me.  We are more than conquerors in Christ!!


Lara~ & itunes

Waiting On God ~

I’ve been on a learning curve with the Holy Spirit for the past 6 months.  He has been showing me over and over again that He is with me, His Presence can be tangibly felt, and that He has a purpose for my family and I.  Everyday I am challenged to spend time with Him, talk to Him, and wait on Him.  Some days are easier than others.  The less I spend quality time with Him, the more I feel anxiety and fear.  The more I spend quality time with Him (especially right when I wake up), the less I feel the need to control the day I am entering into.  He really helps bring me above my circumstances to a place that is practically untouchable.  I begin to crave more time with Him.  Why? Because it is the safest place to be.

Today I am filled with many emotions. Being emotional, I am finding out, has the tendency to bring me away from the security of God’s hand.  I asked the Holy Spirit what I was suppose to do and I heard Him say be quiet.  Be quiet.  Well, that does not come easy for this extreme extrovert.  Be quiet.  So I am writing instead.  ha!

He impressed upon me to spend more time studying the Bible, listening to worship music, watching my favorite Christian programs, reading uplifting books, filling my mind with good things rather than things that can take me off course.  This may sound extreme, but I serve an extreme God who actually communicates with me everyday.  Did you know that He wants to talk to you too!  I should write more about that topic sometime.  We have so many things swirling around us; fighting for our attention, that we need to be extreme when it comes to what we feed our minds, bodies, and souls.  I am not strong enough to let the stuff of this world go through one ear and out the other all the time.  Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy.  He will use whatever it takes inside the church and outside to do so.  Jesus is out to forgive, heal, and save.  He will use His people to do whatever it takes inside the church and outside to do so.  Who do you want to yield your life to?  I choose Jesus.

So even though being quiet is hard for me.  I trust the Holy Spirit.  He has earned my trust.  His ways are so much better than mine.  He knows what I need and because I am having more and more time with Him; I can hear His directions clearer.

I woke up today, not wanting to face it, and I said, “Holy Spirit I need You.”  I felt His Presence all over and knew I wasn’t going to have to face today alone.  It is already 10am and I am so glad He is right here with me.

Lara~ & itunes

Interviewed for a Magazine ~

I had the privilege of sharing my heart on what it means to worship the Lord and to be used by Him in a magazine called, “Exodus.”  They did such a wonderful job! May it bless you ~

Lara~                                & itunes

You can read the interview here:

BreakThru International’sExodus Magazine – Volume 4

Back from Brownsville ~

It’s been about two weeks since I have been back from Pensacola, Florida where I had the incredible opportunity to lead worship for the NotaLoneMom’s “Arise” pre-conference at Brownsville Assembly of God.  That weekend re-ignited a fire in my heart for God again.  If you would like to read more about the moms conference click here:

On the plane flight home, I wrote a letter of thanks to God for all that He did.  I thought I would share it with you ~

 Dear God,

What a week.   Thank you for bringing me to Brownsville this weekend.  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I did know you were asking me to go.   I had no clue that Your Presence would touch me when I stepped into Brownsville Assembly of God for the first time.  I knew something was very different.  I could feel Your Spirit move.  The ladies who were there praying were amazing; 12 of them.  I knew something was happening and I knew I had to get my heart right with You.  I thought someone came up to me as I was praying and put their hand on my back.  The pressure was there for a long time, but I didn’t hear anyone beside me.  When I stopped to see who it was, no one was there.  What was that?  I thought I was making it up, so I pushed it aside.   As I stepped back and sat down in the back, I watched the ladies anoint the seats and the stage with oil.  Why were they doing that?  I had never seen that before.  However, their spirits were so sweet and reverent before You.  It moved me to watch them.   At the end of the prayer meeting, we all got together and prayed.  I knew the conference was covered and You were going to have Your way.  You taught me how important it was to prepare and make our hearts align with Yours before an event.  So good.  So necessary.


               The day of the conference, a battle was going on.  I couldn’t believe it.  What was happening?  I still hadn’t talked to the worship leader about practice or music.  When I got to the church in the afternoon, we were suppose to have our rehearsal at 2pm, but no one showed up until 4:30pm.  I was trying to stay calm and professional, but inside I was tied up in knots.  How was I going to do my best when things were falling apart right before the conference?  I tried practicing on the piano, but I was not confident.  I was scared.  I wanted to cry.  Then You sent Olivia to comfort me. I know You did.  She anointed the piano and the mic and she saw the stress in my eyes.  She looked at me and held my hand and scolded me for thinking I was doing a bad job.  Your Presence touched her spirit when she came into the sanctuary and heard me sing.  She said Your Spirit was so thick that she had to catch her breath.  In me?  No way.  I wasn’t praying like these ladies.  I didn’t feel strong inside like these ladies.  I felt weak and not able to manage what I was being dealt.  How could she sense Your Spirit, when I was so weak?  She wouldn’t let go of me.  She held me and walked with me.  She said Your power was so strong and so sweet, she didn’t want to let me go.  What?  I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore.  I gave in.  I needed her and you knew that.  Thank you. 


               This was such a different church.  You were doing something amazing that could only be experienced, not told.    Our band rehearsal was rough.  The worship leader and I read music differently.   There was no right way, we were just speaking in different languages.  I had to sing a bluesy song and I needed a conga player.  I asked their drummer, but she didn’t play.  The bassist played a little, but when I told him what I needed him to do, he was very apprehensive and didn’t feel like he could do it.  At 10 mins. til, I looked him in the eye and said I needed him.  I said take out all of your stress and frustration on those congas and you will be fine.  You, God,  were stripping away every single crutch I had and all I could do was say, “God, You need to show up.  I can’t do this by myself.  It has to be all You.” 


               You taught me about Your power and Your ways during the conference.  And You did show up!  You provided.  You equipped me to lead and I felt empowered.  I knew that was You because I was extremely weak and scared, but on that stage I led with authority and peace.  You are amazing!  That conference for moms was a moment in time.  You called us each out to lead in our own way, in our own roles.  Instead of being led by others, this time You gave us what we needed to step out and lead those ladies to a place of restoration and refreshing.  Thank you!


               Everything was such a blur.  At the end, during prayer, I didn’t want to be prayed for. I knew that if I did go up for prayer, Your Presence would hit me so hard, I wouldn’t be able to get up.  So I avoided You.  But, You came after me.  You brought a wonderful older woman to sit next to me.  I thought I was suppose to pray for her and her situation, but You switched it and she looked at me and said I needed to be prayed over and anointed.  I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to.  When she poured the oil on my head I felt as if I would faint.  You were giving me a peace I hadn’t felt before, I don’t think.  It almost was like a cold compress all over my head and shoulders.  What were You doing?  Were You actually calling me out and giving me Your blessing for ministry?  It sure did seem that way.


               If everything stopped right there and I didn’t sense Your Spirit, You would have made Your point, but You didn’t stop.  You sent over to me the most powerful prayer warrior in that room.  I was avoiding her, but she came to me and wanted to pray over me.  When she grabbed my hands I knew immediately there was Your power and an energy flowing through her that was overwhelming.  It broke me.  You showed up and reminded me that You were powerful and present and wanted to use me. 


               Krissy and I went to her favorite coffee shop.  On the way there she told me about someone whom she had been ministering to for awhile now.  She said, if that person came into that coffee shop, today was going to be the day that You would call him out and move in his life.  I couldn’t believe how bold and convicted she was about that.  We got our drinks and sat down.  We talked for maybe an hour.  Then she spotted this person.  She called him over.   I knew this was it.  You used Krissy and I and spoke through us to cut deep to his heart.  We were witnessing a spiritual battle.  After 20 mins, he finally surrendered to You.  It had taken a year and a half to have him finally surrender.  You used me to speak a truth to him that convicted his heart.  You used me!  I can’t believe it.   Thank you.  It was exciting.  There was no way we could have made that happen on our own.  Krissy and I needed to be used together.  Now the joy came, the next morning, when this person emailed Krissy and confirmed that he had been changed.  We couldn’t help but cry in gratitude and humility.  Amazing!


               Did you stop ministering to me, and showing up?  Nope.  Today, I was planning to sing and talk about World Vision during the church service at Brownsville.  Krissy and I got there early.  I was waiting to get up to rehearse and one of the pastors came up to me.  Took my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said, “You don’t know me, I don’t know you.  But, do not be afraid, God wants to use you.  There is nothing to be worried about.”  How did he know!!!!!  I thought I looked normal.  You brought him to me to give me encouragement.  God, I haven’t shed this many tears since 2010.   Oh yeah, I can’t forget how when I couldn’t sleep during the night, I listened to “Sovereign” over and over again.   It really ministered to me and I wanted to lead it for Sunday.  But when I got up, I didn’t have the music.  So I gave up on that idea.  Then, when I got up to rehearse I found the sheet music for it and I knew I needed to play it.  I also practiced my other song and gave the sound guy my World Vision dvd to use.  During the service, You showed me how beautiful Your people could be as they worshiped You.  I saw older men jumping as if they were at a youth rally.  I saw women dancing with flags and ribbons.  I saw young people jumping and crying out to You in thanks.  It was beautiful.  Those people really, really loved You.  You had dramatically changed their lives and all they could do was give back to You with their worship.  So awesome! Then, someone came up to me and said, “Lara are you ready?  It’s your time.”  So I went up on stage to wait for offertory.  But, then Your Holy Spirit poured over the people, which was a game changer.  The pastor stopped everything and had a spontaneous alter call.  Your Spirit was hitting people so hard that many of them fell to the ground.  You even came over the worship leader and his wife, but you skipped over me.  Why?  Was it because I was hesitant?  Was it because You needed me to get ready to sing?  It was then I knew You sent me to speak encouragement to this congregation.  I didn’t care if anyone found out my name, or that I had my information in the back.  I just knew You wanted me to speak over them and let them know You weren’t done with them yet.  I knew You wanted me to sing “Sovereign” and nothing more.  I was scared, but You made away for me.  Thank you.  I believe Your words were encouraging to them.  I believe that song was what they needed at that moment.  Amazing.  Thank you.


               Your Spirit filled me up.  My heart was pounding and I knew I was full.   I had a lady tell me in the foyer, that when I started singing, “Sovereign” she felt Your Spirit so strongly.  She got up and made sure she got to a place in the sanctuary where she could hear every word.  She said my voice was anointed.  I was emotionally, physically, and spiritually a mess, but a restored mess.  From everything I saw this weekend, I am convinced that anything and everything is possible. I know that You want to unleash Your power over all the world, into the hearts of your people.  You want to bring a new revival through Your Spirit.  I know You want me to do something at my church when I get home, I just don’t know what yet.  God, keep me humble.  Remind me how serious Your call is on my life.  Help me to embrace the anointing you have on my voice.  I need Your help.  I don’t know why You chose me to be a worship leader or why You called me out to lead worship for the Moms Arise Conference, but I say ‘Yes!’ Now, onto the next assignment.  You are my center.  I trust You.

Lara~ & itunes

Life ~

What is life like for you? Why does it keep us on our toes? It’s almost like asking the timeless question, “What is the meaning of life?”

To me, I need to be reminded that Jesus came to fill our lives with blessings and love. When I keep it simple and remind myself I am blessed and loved, it helps me enjoy it more. How about you? Would you agree?


Lara~ & itunes