Last Day of Being 30 Something ~

~ Almost 40 ~.pngToday has been a good day.  I got a good sleep.  Hung out with my great family.  Took a long nap (I’ve been very tired lately) and dyed my baby girl’s hair (she is 13).  I wanted to sit here and document something on my last day before turning the BIG 40!  What has happened to me these last 30 years?  Well, I grew up in a loving, worship pastor’s home, traveled a lot and lived in 8 homes, in Canada, California, Washington, and Detroit, graduated high school, studied vocal performance privately and in college, traveled the world as a singer and speaker for World Vision and Mission of Mercy, got married to a worship pastor-in-training, had two beautiful kids, was called by the Lord to write, started writing songs, moved to three churches, produced my first debut album, continued writing and performing, homeschooled our kids for 3 years, was gently nudged to lead worship more often, became the women’s director for our church, moved again as an act of faith, put our kids in public school, became a leader for a moms group, had much needed rest from ministry, got confused about songwriting, my purpose, and my calling, so after every resource was gone and every idea was spent, I prayed and God opened the door for me to be a worship pastor and a private music instructor.  Because our church was in dire need of specific worship songs, my songwriting bug returned and I began writing again.

That is a lot of living in 30 years.  What’s next?  Hmm… Well, I’m getting more tired as I age, I have to dye my hair to cover grey.  I can pass as a 30 something still, but definitely not a 20 something.   My thinking has changed a bit.  I’m definitely more seasoned which has been the byproduct of years of patience, humility, disappointment, knowledge, experience, and perseverance.  I’m still someone who has too many ideas swimming in my head.  I like moving forward.  I don’t like being content with the same ol’.  I am more excited as a worship leader, more patient and sanguine as a music teacher, more social with my children, more grown up as a wife, more focused as a songwriter, more prayerful as a child of God.  What’s wrong with that?  Nothing.

Yes, it’s hard to think I will be 40 stinkin’ years old tomorrow, but I like who I am now way better than who I was at 19.

My hope is that in the years to come, Lord willing, I will be closer to the Lord, moving in the Holy Spirit, more thankful for what God has blessed me with instead of always wanting more.  I love my husband dearly, even though it doesn’t show too well when we are talking about finances, sorry babe.  I want to play more and do life together.  I love my kids deeply, even though they drive me up the wall with all of the questions and emotional outbursts, sorry kids.  I want to play more and be present in their lives.  I love my family members, even though most of them live far away.  I want to write them letters more and find ways to spend time with them.  I love to write songs, even though in the industry standards they are still not cutting it.  I want to continue having songs flow out of me and write for my church because it brings me so much joy and deepens my understanding of God.  I love being able to be a worship pastor, even though I don’t know how long this season will last.  I want to follow God’s lead and grow this church up to be in love with Him and transformed by His glory.  I love passing down what I know about singing, songwriting, and playing the piano, to the next generations coming up, even though it requires a lot of work and patience lol.  I want to invest all of my experience into them so that they can become great at their musical abilities.

I won’t be able to eat the amazing food I use to.  I won’t be able to shed the extra pounds that I use to.  I will probably still need to take naps and drink coffee.  But, that’s okay.  Here’s to the next 40 years.  I pray God will help me make each day count and never wasted.

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Praise the Lord for All He Has Done – Psalm 111

111 Shout praises to the Lord!
    With all my heart
I will thank the Lord
    when his people meet.
The Lord has done
    many wonderful things!
Everyone who is pleased
with God’s marvelous deeds
    will keep them in mind.
Everything the Lord does
    is glorious and majestic,
    and his power to bring justice
    will never end.

The Lord God is famous
for his wonderful deeds,
    and he is kind and merciful.
He gives food to his worshipers
    and always keeps his agreement
    with them.
He has shown his mighty power
    to his people
    and has given them the lands
    of other nations.

God is always honest and fair,
    and his laws can be trusted.
    They are true and right
    and will stand forever.
God rescued his people,
    and he will never break
his agreement with them.
    He is fearsome and holy.

10 Respect and obey the Lord!
This is the first step
    to wisdom and good sense.[a]
    God will always be respected.

Embrace Me

This is the second song I wrote.  You see, I was a singer, not a songwriter in 2005, however through a sequence of events, God specifically asked me to write.  Because I was a singer and I never, ever ran out of things to say, I thought being a songwriter was exactly what I needed to do!  One thing I love about this song is that I was child-like and expressive with my lyrics and delivery.  You can listen/buy it on iTunes:


Embrace Me

© 2005 Lara Marriott

Walking up the stairs, casting all the world’s cares

Upon my shoulders

Searching for a place to find a peaceful state of mind

to get away

I shut the darkest door to hide for awhile

I need You Lord to comfort me

I close my eyes and try to think about You

Oh Lord, what should I do?

Embrace me, taking

all of my fears, my worries, and my tears

I’m feeling inside

Embrace me, flowing down

the warmest of Your love

reflecting from above

Embrace me

Gazing at the sky nature’s calm I find

that You’re all around me

The sun glistening the trees, clouds are changing what I see

a place of wonder I’ll never leave

I find a shady place to stay for awhile

I know You Lord are here with me, yeah

I close my eyes and start to dream about You

Is this what heaven’s gonna be?

Embrace me, giving

all of Your joys, Your wonders, and Your glory

I need inside

Embrace me, shining down

the warmest of Your love

reflecting from above

Embrace me

Day or night, by Your side

You have revealed

You are real and I feel you inside

Day or night, by Your side

that’s where I’ll always be

You are real and I feel alive

Embrace me, shining all of Your love, Your love

Embrace me, fill me up with Your love, Your love, Oh how I love You

I Love You Jesus

Here is one of the first songs I had ever written.  I wanted to write a song that didn’t need accompaniment; just voices.  I was envisioning christian martyrs, prisoners, or slaves needing to sing a song that was easy to learn, that could remind them of Jesus’ love for them.  You can listen/buy it on iTunes:

I Love You Jesus

© 2007 Lara Marriott

I love You Jesus

I love You Jesus

I love You Jesus

and I’m so thankful


I love You Jesus

I love You Jesus

I love You Jesus

and I’m so thankful



You chose to love me, undeserving

and to forgive upon a tree

Your grace is never, never-ending

and forever I will sing


I Will Follow

I Will Follow

I Will Follow Cover & itunes

Worship Album – I Will Follow Released ~

It has been an amazing journey this year! God has been faithful by providing the funds necessary to complete a full length worship album. Over 80 people gave towards this album and many, many people held it up in prayer.

“I Will Follow” is finished and I am excited to offer it to you:

I know God will use it to minister and draw others closer to His heart. He already has! What a blessing to be a part of His work. I pray God will use it to speak to your heart. He loves you more than you could fathom. He has shown that love to me and I know He is able to show that kind of love to you too!

John 3:16 “For God loved the world so much, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever should believe in Him, will not parish (and be separated from His love), but have everlasting life.”

Lara~ & itunes

Happy February to You ~

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I totally get it now when parents of school age kids say they are so busy! There are drop offs and pick ups, playdates and extra-curricular activities. There is homework, cooking and housecleaning, fundraising events and PTA events. Church, work, family time oh yes and stuff you yourself enjoy doing at the end of the day. lol.

I don’t know how we manage to accomplish all of it. I personally find myself praying in the morning, ‘God I can’t do this by myself. Would you please orchestrate the day so I can get the important things done without pulling my hair out?’ The cool thing is He really does! When my focus stays on Him, He makes all of my “to dos” happen smoothly. He sets aside the things that can wait and allows me time to sit with Him and enjoy His peace. It amazes me every time.

As an update on where I am at with the album project, I am going to need to raise the money to fund it. I have had many wonderful people purchase my other cds that are out right now which helped me afford the Devoted EP. Now to make it a professional full-length album I will need to raise $7000.00. Crazy huh? I look at that number and think there is no way I can do that. And I am right. There is no way I can do it on my own. I will need my friends and family and supporters to come alongside and become partners in this endeavor. If this is truly what God wants me to accomplish, then I am trusting God will make away. = ) Brian and I also would like to take it in a little different direction and include some of the worship songs I currently lead at our church. Church members have asked us to make a worship cd which is a big undertaking, so by recording a few worship songs this would provide a way to serve them. It gets me excited just thinking about it. Plus, there will be a few new original songs as well. In the next couple of weeks or so, I will post my Kickstarter site. This will provide a place to donate financially and hopefully receive some cool gifts in return. All I have to do is record an awesome video of me pleading for money. ha ha. We’ll see. If you have any ideas let me know.

That is all for right now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. God bless~

Lara~ & itunes

CDBaby and Events ~

Things are happening.  I finally put my “Beginnings” cd up on CDBaby.  It is to help fund the album project I am currently working on.  If you want to be apart of helping me fund this project, please purchase this album.  I wanted to make a cheap way for my friends and family to contribute to my ministry.  You can find it here:

Lara Marriott: Beginnings

Thanks so much ~

I also have a few concerts coming up in June and July. I will be singing at the Alameda County Fair June 27th & July 7th with members from our worship band at Centerpointe Pres. Church. We did this last year and had a blast! It will be on the same days as when Tenth Avenue North and Santus Real perform. Kinda making it a Christian, inspirational theme those days. = ) Also July 1st I will be doing a laid back gig at Panama Red in Livermore, CA. Mostly doing cover songs, but some of my own. It is such a great environment to play in.

Ya know, I prayed that God would open the doors to allow me to sing for Him in my community. It has been very cool to watch Him open those doors. Lastly, but not least, our Church band “The Church Crew” = ) will be playing in downtown Pleasanton the 1st Weds of June. We are having our practice tomorrow morning. We have done this I believe two years in a row and just love it! I might even get to sing one or two of my original songs!

So if you are in the area and are free any of those days, I would love to see you hang out a bit. = ) Take care everyone. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

Lara~ & itunes

Album Update ~

I have been working on the new album off and on due to life circumstances.  Ya know, being a mom and doing this is tricky.  Whenever I have a free moment I ask myself, ‘what should I use this moment for; cleaning, reading, errands, business correspondence, or album?’  There was some time last week when I sat down and started working on a new song called, “Coming Down.”   I still might change the title name, not sure.  Right now it is starting off with meditation/relaxation music which then changes into a more R&B/pop style.  I am really going for something completely different in this album that most have never heard me write.

When I grew up, I listened to every style of music imaginable it seemed.  In the car El Jerro played as well as, Michael McDonald, Orchestral music, Choral music, Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Sandi Patti, Chicago, Beatles, Petra, Pink Floyd, and the list goes on.  My dad was and still is a Music pastor/Arranger/Composer, so he opened my ears to so many possibilities.

In my 20s I was pursuing a career as a singer and then songwriter and found that most people in the industry were branded with one specific style.  It makes sense and works for many, but for me I always felt like I just didn’t fit in somehow.  I couldn’t see myself sticking with one genre of music.  Now that I am in my 30s, I am not signed with a Label, and there is nothing for me to loose on this project, I have the freedom to spread my wings and write/record music that I love to sing.  I am hoping that this album will have many different styles in it that encompass my passions as an artist and promotes culture in music.  A hint would be to anyone who has heard me sing, you will probably hear that style on this album = )

I have two other songs that are almost done, I just need to record the vocals on them.

So things keep moving along.  I am writing for the project as well when I get the time.  Mostly reading to fill my mind with what I want to write about so I can make my songs strong lyrically and theologically.  We’ll see.  This is a learning curve for me, but a great challenge.

(my children woke me up at 5:30am this morning so I am using this “moment” to write this post lol.)

Lara~ & itunes