Election Results ~

Well, the results are in and Barack Obama has won another term in office…

I was born in Canada and a few years ago was able to become an American citizen. So this year was my first time to vote in the US elections. It was a nail-biter for sure.

Am I going to tell you who I voted for? Nope.

What I am going to write about is what I wrote down in my journal today as I read my “Jesus Calling” devotional:

“Seek to please Me (Jesus) above all else…Many people’s decisions are a combination of their habitual responses and their desire to please themselves or others. This is not My way for you. Strive to please Me in everything…This is possible only to the extent that you are living in close communion with Me. When My Presence is your deepest delight, you know almost instinctively what will please Me…”

God bless,


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