Jesus ~

We would never have Easter if Jesus was just a good teacher/prophet that stood up for what he believed in, even to the point of death, but stayed in the tomb and died like any other human being.  He was the ultimate miracle! He didn’t stay in the tomb.  He conquered death itself.  He lives!  Satan knows this and would like nothing better for us to think of anything else, but what Jesus did for us.  By believing in Him as our Saviour, death has no sting.  He covers us by His sacrificial blood just like the blood of the Lamb covered the Jewish people in Egypt. (You can read about that in the Old Testament with the stories of Moses.)  I want to make sure my kids understand that The Easter Bunny is cute and finding eggs is fun and chocolate is yummy, but those things are not why we have Easter.  It is to celebrate Jesus’ Victory!!  I pray He comes soon.  He is the true King of kings.  Here is a picture of a painting of Jesus done by an 8 year old.  This is the picture of Jesus I am focusing on this week.  God bless you all this weekend.  I pray you will discover the true meaning of Easter and ask Jesus to come into your lives.

Lara~ & itunes