39 Years Today ~


Every year I am faced with the same question from my family, “What would you like to do for your birthday?”  When the question came around again this year, I decided to google what people thought were cool to do on a 39th birthday.  I read about taking a trip to a fun location, drinking wine, being one with the universe, making sure to have fun, exercising, creating goals, and the list went on.  I knew we didn’t have the funds to take a trip anywhere, I don’t like the taste of wine (sorry, I’ve tried), I am already one with God, fun is a very open-ended word, exercise, well baby steps, I am in the process of creating goals (and that is kinda like work for me).  I looked up fun things to do around where we lived and honestly, I got tired just considering it.  All of this searching made me feel down and anxious.  What did I want to do that would make me happy?

That’s when it hit me.  There are seasons in life.  In this season of my life, what I REALLY wanted to do was stay home, have a birthday coffee and breakfast in the morning, be alone and read girly magazines, eat out at one of my favorite restaurants the Mongolian Grill, have a diet coke, hide away in our bedroom and take a nap, check Facebook, read, watch Fixer Upper while eating cheese puffs and chocolate, sit outside with a root beer and visit with my husband, hug the kids, come away into our office to fix my blog and write this post.  Fun?  Well, honestly it has been the BEST birthday present for me in this stage of my life.  I don’t need to feel guilty about not doing anything out of the box, I am happy, I am rested, I am with my family, I am loved.

Maybe I’ll feel differently next year for my dum, dum, dum, dummmmm….40th!!  But as of right now, I am truly so happy and feel oh so special today for my birthday. =)

Thank you to all of my friends & family for all of the birthday wishes and kindness.  Today has been wonderful!


4 thoughts on “39 Years Today ~

  1. Sounds good to me! Last August when I turned 40, I celebrated at the American Girl store with my daughter and hubby. It was so much fun to feel like a child again. Every year is different, but as long as we make it count for us, that’s what matters. Happy Birthday Lara! The Lord bless you abundantly this year. Oh and 40 is amazing, just you wait for it!!!

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