We Have The Choice

We have the choice to either be discouraged or to be thankful.  What did you choose today?  Normally, I choose to be discouraged and look at my glass as half empty.  This behavior typically makes me lethargic and stressed.  However, today when I realized I was going in that direction, I started thinking of all of the things I could be thankful for that happened throughout the day.  The first one was the hardest to think of, but I remembered.  Then it got easier and easier.  Before I knew it, I had over 10 things to be thankful just for today!

  1. I caught my kids writing a song all on their own at the piano!
  2. I got to spend quality time with my daughter as we sat next to each other during choir practice
  3. We had In and Out! lol!
  4. The Christmas lights were so beautiful to look at
  5. I was able to have a cat nap
  6. Got most of the laundry done
  7. Encouraged a friend
  8. We are all healthy
  9. My daughter made yummy cheese soup for the first time
  10. My kids proved to me that what I was teaching them was getting through! Whew!

A well known christian author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, was right when she said there is a battle going on for our minds.  There sure is!  Usually when I am in step with God’s leading in fact.  In order for us to combat negativity, we need to remember all of the things we can be thankful for and thank God for them.  They all come from Him to begin with.  Ya know, they also reveal just how good and loving our God really is!

With God’s help, I am going to make it a routine to consciously discipline my mind to defer to being thankful, instead of defaulting to being negative.

I would love to hear all of the things you are thankful for if you’d like to share. =)  Let’s encourage one another.


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