Holy Spirit Summit


Today is the 1st Official Periscope Summit in New York City.  It is being broadcast right now as I write this.  All of the famous periscopers are giving their keynote talks as the heightened excitement continues to drive the historic event.  As this was going on this morning, I was simultaneously leading my Jesus Calling DevoScope and we got on the topic of the Holy Spirit.

It is my hope and great passion to see Christ-Followers get excited again about their relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I want to see His power and authority take over our lives in such a way that there will be an epic Holy Spirit Summit of awakening that will happen around the world, illuminating the darkness, leading a great revival in God’s people as well as bring many people to salvation.  I want to see this movement periscoped by thousands!!  This would be the greatest summit I could ever be apart of!!

Here is the link to the “Jesus Calling Devotional” from this morning.


Holy Spirit come and make Your home in our hearts.  Change us from the inside-out.  Show Your Glory and Light!!  It is time!!


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