When We Can’t Breathe ~


I have been dealing with the flu for almost a month now.  I was sick in bed for two weeks.  Then got around a bit the third week.  Thought I was almost back to normal yesterday.  However, last night I awoke from my sleep not being able to breathe.  I was heaving and gasping for breath.  Everything around me seemed normal.  My health was normal.  It was a very surreal moment.  I walked down the stairs continuing to heave.  Brian ran up the stairs asking me if I was okay.  I finally was able to find my breath and start breathing again.  It was pretty scary.

Brian and I were dumbfounded.  We couldn’t figure out why that happened to me.  I was shaky and weak afterwards and knew it was important for me to call the nurse.  We did everything she told us to do like, turn on the shower and sit in the steamed bathroom for 15mins, drink lemon and honey water, turn on a humidifier, and sleep propped up.  Brian also gave me some mucinex.

He was so sweet and kind to me.  For these past weeks we have been sleeping separately because we didn’t want him to get what I had, plus our daughter came down with the same thing.  But last night, he risked it and slept near me to make sure I was going to be okay through the night.

Thankfully, I was able to sleep fine the rest of the night.  I went to the doctor this morning and was prescribed some antibiotics, nasal spray, and an inhaler.  My doctor said my throat and trachea were inflamed and swollen, making it hard for me to breath normally.  She did check my lungs and they were clear.

Wow, what a crazy experience I had.  Why am I blogging about this event in my life?  Well, because it was a wake up call for me.  Sometimes it is all too easy to find ourselves complaining about issues that we are facing or to become unsatisfied with where we are or surround ourselves with negative thoughts.  But, when we are facing a life threatening experience, what do you think becomes the most important things we think about?  For me, they were thoughts of my family and praying to God.

He has given me a wonderful family that I adore.  Him and I also have a pretty good relationship that I rely on so much.  Everything else in my life like, social media, work, hobbies, day dreams, whatever else that takes up my time during the day, can wait.

I am truly thankful that God gave me that wake up call last night.  Not being able to breath helped realign my priorities.

Past Pictures~Aren't They The Cutest Ever!!Us Lara's Family pic

Lara's Wedding picLara and Brian pic

What matters most in your life?   


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