The Big Picture ~

I graduated from high school.  I went to college for three years.  But I never pursued a Teaching Degree.  I am convinced that in order to acquire a degree in teaching you have to minor in pyschology!  These past three days of homeschooling my children have been an up and down roller coaster ride.  Tuesday, Josh’s day was the worst day ever.  Wednesday, both kids had their moments.  Today, has started to be Hannah’s worst day ever.  I am on the verge of being an emotional mess!

When they get like this they throw out accusations that I am no fun to be around, their lives are boring, they are stuck in their homes with no one to play with while all of the other kids…on their block, get to go to public school and be with kids their own age and have tons of fun.  Ug!!!  Yes, there are fun times to be had at public school, but not all the time.  They forget very easily the amazing field trips we have taken with many of their friends.  They forget how much they love to cuddle and play with their dog, Molly.  They forget the fun they have at their enrichment schools they go to each week.  They forget all of the hugs and snuggle time they receive from their mommy.  They forget the free time they have with their friends in the afternoon.  They forget how much fun it is for them to cook or bake something.  They forget the Christmas movies we watch together with hot chocolate.  Oh how easily they forget when they have to stay home for a day or two and be with me and not their friends.

This exhausts me.  As a parent, I have the privilege and the difficulty of seeing the bigger picture.  I see how their neighbor friends treat each other.  I see how they have to come home and do homework for an hour or more after school.  I see how my kids treat their friends.  I see the freedom they have to enjoy playing all sorts of different kinds of games without the peer pressure of conforming to what is the latest cool thing to do.  My kids can play and communicate with anyone of any age.  They know about the love of Jesus and they share that love with the people they come in contact with.  I know that there are fun things on the horizon that they hopefully will get to do, but i can’t tell them yet.   I know this little bump in their week will soon pass and their days will be filled with friend time again.  I remember how exhausted they were everyday after I would pick them up from school.  5 mins into our greeting they would whine about not wanting to do their chores when they got home, how non of their other friends had to do chores.  They didn’t want to do their piano practice because they were too tired.  They wanted food and water right away because they were famished, so we would eat junk food on the way to our next location.  I remember fighting through homework time, chore time, piano time, finally counting down the hours to bed time!  This is not the kind of lifestyle I am excited about getting back into.

From my perspective, with the big picture view, I see a balanced environment that my husband and I are blessing our children with.  All I can do is hope and pray that all of these sacrifices and lifestyle choices we are making for our children will pay off in the end and they will one day look back and see the big picture too.

Lara~ & itunes

2 thoughts on “The Big Picture ~

  1. I know sometimes it is difficult. We all have days when we are frustrated. I’ve been homeschooling for almost 8 years, and I, too, get the whining about wanting what my daughter sees as the greener grass on the other side 🙂 Sometimes doing something to make the learning fun helps my daughter. When we get bogged down, I tell her to go play a game online. Some of her favorite are the keyboarding speed challenges. (We use games are at, my personal favorite is QWERTY Warriors!) She is still learning, and willingly, and I get credit for her getting to take a break. Hang in Mom, You are doing what is best, even if they can’t see that picture right now!


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