Being A Mom ~

This song is my go to song right now since I am a stay-at-home, homeschool mom of two elementary school aged children. It always makes me laugh and reminds me of what life was like when I was a young mom with a baby and toddler at home. Every mom needs a song that allows them to vent out what they are feeling and this song does just that. So for every mom out there, this is for you!!

Being A Mom
c2005 Lara Marriott

Being a mom
Takes away my confidence
Just like my kids, I know I
Suffer from my tantrums
Each day presents a new day
Of frustrations
I look around me and find clutter
Climbing to my knees
Am I cut out to be?

Being a mom
I’m constantly on night alert
If anyone needs me I am there to meet all of
Their demanding wants
My peace and solace has become
Shots of caffeine
And when they finally go to sleep
There is nothing more for me to give
Am I cut out for being a mom?

Cuz’ I get angry
And I get scared
And I get this constant pressure feeling
In my head
God give me the strength
To love them
Each day will pass by quickly
You have placed these kids right with me
I know that I need
I need Your help NOW!!!!!!!

Being a mom
It is a privilege
That’s only saved for me
When they wake up in the morning
I get to cuddle closely to them
And it fills me up
I am the first they ask for
When they are scared or they are hurt
A million times they will forgive
And start over again, again, again, again

Being a mom nah nah
Being a mom yeah yeah
Being a mom Ohhohhhhh
Being a mom……I’m thankful

If you want to watch it go to:

(Find 10/25/14 – Arise Conference. It is the first thing that starts the evening)

Lara ~ & itunes

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