Brave Little Boy

There was a woman from my past church who blessed me beyond belief.  When I came to her church I was young with a 4 month old baby girl.  During one of the first church services I attended my daughter was crying and I wasn’t able to console her.  That might have been the Sunday we were being introduced to the congregation as their new worship pastor.  This dear friend was a leader in the children’s dept. and gently and oh so compassionately asked if she could take Hannah in the back and look after her for me during the service.  I was frightened because I really didn’t know her, but I had to place my trust in her hands and pass over my precious treasure, believing she would be alright.  She was. = )  Her name is Abby King.  We did ministry together and she made sure I knew I could call her for any reason if I needed help with my babies.  No mom wants to admit they need help and inconvenience someone else.  We are suppose to be strong, right?

Well, a year or so later, I had just got my daughter to sleep in her crib and tried to put my 3 month old down, but he wouldn’t have it!  He was screaming and crying. I couldn’t swaddle him, I couldn’t feed him.  I was getting desperate.  Brian wasn’t going to be home for another couple of hours.  It was 9pm and THIS mom was beside herself with exhaustion. So with no where else to turn I called my friend Abby who lived up the road from us.  She dropped what she was doing and came right over.  It was a bit embarrassing, but I was relieved because Josh calmed right down in Abby’s arms and I was able to get some relief.

Now this amazing person was faced with a horror of her own a couple of years later that was unimaginable.  Her five year old son, Darian, was diagnosed with Osterosarcoma in his left leg.   He was a cute little boy, full of life, who fought really hard to stay with us.  But, his body gave out and he went home to be with Jesus.  You can read more about his story and about the amazing organization their family has created that helps other kids and their families who are dealing with cancer.  Click here to learn more: and consider donating to this amazing ministry!

I wrote this song for the family from my perspective.  It probably needs to be revised one day, but I wanted to share it with you so I could share Darian’s story.  I hope it speaks of the amazing life of this brave little boy.


Listen here:

Brave Little Boy

© 2009 Lara Marriott

Brave little boy

Why must you go through this

Because of your sickness

You are feeling so much pain

Brave little boy

Your fragile body’s broken

Your innocence and youth

Have taken a rocky road

You’re much to young for this

Or am I wrong

Does God know something we don’t

Or am I wrong

Is there something great

That’s waiting for you

Hold on little boy

Hold on

Brave little boy

When I saw you last you were playing

A smiley boy full of life again

Brave little boy

Courageous like armored knights

You are fighting with all your might

Passing each test with honors

You are making it through

I was so wrong

God knows something we don’t know

I was so wrong

Something great is waiting for you

Hold on little boy

Hold on

Sweet little boy

You have fought the good fight

You will win the race for you

Have kept your faith

So rest dear one

For your Father is coming

Your gift of life is almost over

Your life story has surpassed us all

So little boy you will

Be remembered always

Sweet, sweet, sweet little boy

Brave, brave, brave little boy

Lara~ & itunes

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