Media Fasting…And It’s Hard! ~

I’m media fasting again until the middle of October. I know it is medicine to my soul because of the outcome from my previous “Jesus Calling” fast a few years ago. However, I have been craving attention and affirmation a lot as I fast. On Facebook I can always talk to somebody. I can find out what is going on with my family, friends and community.  A few days ago, I figured out why it is much harder this time around…..I have an IPhone.   Last time I had to go through some hoops in order to get on Facebook.  After a while, I didn’t want to open up my laptop, turn it on, get on the internet, go to Facebook, and finally sign in.  This time it takes me a minute to log onto Facebook and I’m dialed in.

So, I’ve cheated a few times and have logged on to check it.  There have been times when it was beneficial, but for the most part it just frustrated me further.  I found myself staring at my phone for 10 mins, scrolling down, looking at everyone’s life events.  That 10 mins. could have been used to call a friend, hug my child, play on the piano, crochet, drink some tea, pray, read a chapter, throw a ball, sing a song.

It is a hard, hard, hard lesson to learn, especially when one is addicted to social media like myself.  I feel so disconnected without it.  But, when I’m off, I am forced to engage with those around me.  If no one is around me, I am forced to engage with God.  Shouldn’t being engaged with God be a privilege?  Ya know?  It is.  He speaks when I listen.  We have had conversations Him and I.  Seriously!  He is not an idol made of gold.  He is present and available 24 hours a day.  He is living.  I hear His voice!  Only, however, when I am tuned out to social media.

Now, the more I hear from the Lord, the more I get distracted and pulled into my selfish desires.  It is a battle of the wills.  I can have instant gratification if I succumb to the demands of my IPhone, but it always leaves me empty and unsatisfied.  Or, I can still quietly push through boredom to hear the voice of God speaking to me.  Whenever I do this, I am filled with contentment.  It is not a one time fix; nope.  I have to spend time with God regularly everyday.  It is through our relationship that I am ministered to.  Relationship is key!

I’m being honest, just in case it peeks someone’s interest.  I’m human and make mistakes.  God knows this about me and is still so gracious and answers me when I call.

What have I learned thus far?  I’ve learned to check my social media pages every once and awhile.  People will continue to be people.  Yes, I will be missing out on the news of my contacts, but there will be people in their lives who will be there for them if they need them.  They will have people where they live to reach out to.  My focus needs to be reaching out to the people where I am.  Just the other day I saw a friend I had been missing for quite some time and was able to give her a great BIG hug!  That connection was awesome that Facebook will never be able to provide for me.

Anyway, thought I would write a little update.  It is hard, but much more fulfilling.

Tomorrow is going to be a special day for me.  I get to sing a song I wrote as I interceded for my church called, “Spirit of the Lord.”  A friend of mine is also planning on introducing it at his church tomorrow.  What an honor!  I pray God will use it to pour His Spirit on all who hear.  We are waiting…Spirit of the Lord, You are welcome here.

Lara~ & itunes

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