Just Another Balloon Ride ~

Hot Air Balloon

Since we homeschool, each day is flexibly routine. ; ) I typically start each day with a plan in mind, however every now and then something random comes up and we go down one of those paths for awhile. That is what happened yesterday. Our kids were outside playing at around 8:30 in the morning when they spotted two hot air balloons in the sky. They were so excited to watch them. I could tell the balloons were coasting close to our home, so I had a hair-brained idea to go chase them and see if we could watch them land.

We got into the car and drove to where they were hovering. One of them had already landed and there were three people rolling the balloon up to put into the attached basket. The other one looked like it was heading in that direction, but it was slow in doing so. Then it blew passed the landing, towards a potato field down the road. I started up the car and headed in that direction. It began to land quite quickly in an abnormal manner, but I didn’t want to let the kids know that just yet. I pulled off to the side of the road. It dropped heavily into the potato field with the balloon half filled. The wind picked it up again with the basket on it’s side and headed in our direction at about 30 miles an hour. At that moment I quickly started the car and drove out of it’s path. I made a Uturn and came back as the balloon exhaled to a hault. No one was coming out of it. Was it unmanned? We all anxiously waited in silence, hoping to see someone come out of the basket unscathed. Finally after five minutes a man climbed out and brushed himself off looking a bit dazed. Someone else who parked behind us got out of his car and with great difficulty ran through the potato field to the scene. For a second I thought we should get out of our car and go help, but thankfully my sanity kicked in and I realized running with two kids in a potato landmine would not be very helpful.
Thankfully he was fine and received the help he needed to continue on his way.

I was amazed that after all of that excitement my sweet daughter still wanted to go on a balloon ride for her next birthday; my son did not. I am grateful there are laws protecting our children from making risky decisions when they are young. Maybe Hannah could climb a ladder instead. ha ha.


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