I Got Homeschooled About Sugar!

So two days ago I was a room parent at my children’s enrichment school and instead of getting “BOOMED” as my daughter likes to say, I got “HOMESCHOOLED!” I was sitting in the back of the room during their PE class, drinking a Snapple rasberry ice tea, when the teacher started talking about the different kinds of sugar found in everyday products and how much sugar we should be allotted each day.

Kids should only have 16 grams of sugar per day
Teens should only have 20 grams of sugar per day
Adults (dum, dum, dum, dum…..) 30 grams of sugar per day

Remember my Snapple ice tea that I was drinking during the class? Well, I thought it would be interesting to look at the sugar serving size just for kicks. Guess how many grams there were in my yummy, caffinated ice tea? 46 GRAMS OF SUGAR!!!!!!! BOOM!

What!!!!! How could I do that to myself? I had a sugared granola bar and a medium size chai tea in the morning, grapes and strawberries for lunch and this dumb ice tea AND it wasn’t even in the middle of the day. I totally surpassed my daily intake limit.

I had to share this with the teacher and the kids. It was embarrassing, but they needed to see that one drink (that we are so used to drinking in America) can be extremely high in sugar content. They were so funny because the teacher, shook her head at me, told the kids, and we all got up out of our seats and did a sugar coma shake that ended up with us fainting on the floor.

When the kids and I got home, we talked about our sugar limits and how we needed to watch it. You see whatever excess sugar calories that come from sugar turn into fat. So for the past two days we have been eating food from the ground, plants, and meat. I did slip last night and have a Costco Yogurt Swirl. I thought since I was so good at staying under my daily dose, I could treat myself to one. However, I found it to be too sweet for me and didn’t want to finish it. That was not like me. I guess when we stay under our limit our bodies can let us know how much is too much.

What a wake up call!! So whoever is reading this, I hope you will take the same challenge as we are and educate yourself on how much sugar you normally have during a typical day. You will be very surprised with the findings and hopefully you will have the courage to change your eating habits like we are trying to do, so that you and your precious family can be healthy and strong.

On a side note, my daughter thanked me last night for the dinner I prepared for her which was nothing too exciting, just cauliflower, an apple, and half a Costco hot dog (we have so many of them unfortunately). She didn’t complain that she was hungry an hour later. I was impressed.

Let’s all say NO to too much sugar!

Blessings ~


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2 thoughts on “I Got Homeschooled About Sugar!

  1. Thanks Brenda. (It’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog. lol. It’s scary how much sugar goes into almost everything we eat! We are starting a garden this summer and we are already reaping the benefits of it. (Hugs!)


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