Waiting On God ~

I’ve been on a learning curve with the Holy Spirit for the past 6 months.  He has been showing me over and over again that He is with me, His Presence can be tangibly felt, and that He has a purpose for my family and I.  Everyday I am challenged to spend time with Him, talk to Him, and wait on Him.  Some days are easier than others.  The less I spend quality time with Him, the more I feel anxiety and fear.  The more I spend quality time with Him (especially right when I wake up), the less I feel the need to control the day I am entering into.  He really helps bring me above my circumstances to a place that is practically untouchable.  I begin to crave more time with Him.  Why? Because it is the safest place to be.

Today I am filled with many emotions. Being emotional, I am finding out, has the tendency to bring me away from the security of God’s hand.  I asked the Holy Spirit what I was suppose to do and I heard Him say be quiet.  Be quiet.  Well, that does not come easy for this extreme extrovert.  Be quiet.  So I am writing instead.  ha!

He impressed upon me to spend more time studying the Bible, listening to worship music, watching my favorite Christian programs, reading uplifting books, filling my mind with good things rather than things that can take me off course.  This may sound extreme, but I serve an extreme God who actually communicates with me everyday.  Did you know that He wants to talk to you too!  I should write more about that topic sometime.  We have so many things swirling around us; fighting for our attention, that we need to be extreme when it comes to what we feed our minds, bodies, and souls.  I am not strong enough to let the stuff of this world go through one ear and out the other all the time.  Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy.  He will use whatever it takes inside the church and outside to do so.  Jesus is out to forgive, heal, and save.  He will use His people to do whatever it takes inside the church and outside to do so.  Who do you want to yield your life to?  I choose Jesus.

So even though being quiet is hard for me.  I trust the Holy Spirit.  He has earned my trust.  His ways are so much better than mine.  He knows what I need and because I am having more and more time with Him; I can hear His directions clearer.

I woke up today, not wanting to face it, and I said, “Holy Spirit I need You.”  I felt His Presence all over and knew I wasn’t going to have to face today alone.  It is already 10am and I am so glad He is right here with me.


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