Coming Back ~


I tried going back to my old blog account, but it didn’t quite work out. So I am back.

I want this post to represent a fresh start.  This blog is going to incorporate everything that makes me; me.  I am a mom; so I will be blogging about my mommy days.  I homeschool our kids; so I will be posting about that new adventure in our lives.  I am a worship leader (in-training) lol; so I will be posting about my experiences as I continue to lead others in worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am pursuing my relationship with the Holy Spirit, the comforter who Jesus gave to us as a constant companion and friend; so I will be blogging about Him and how amazing He is as He leads me through each day.

Some of you might think those topics are too scattered and I should just blog about one subject, but that is not me.  This blog is to share all that I am journeying through.  I LOVE to encourage others.  I believe that is one of my spiritual gifts!  It is my hope and prayer that what I share glorifies Jesus first and foremost and also encourages others who might be going through similar things.  I had many people throughout my life encourage me and help shape me to be the woman I am becoming.

I am looking forward to being honest and myself.

Lara~ & itunes

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