To Blog or Not To Blog – that is the question ~

What do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Email all do when combined?  They drain my brain.  I was just remembering back to about 9 years ago when my mommy friend introduced me to “Blogging.”  That sounded so foreign and very strange.  You mean write out my thoughts and post pictures for the whole world (who is that really ;/) to see?  Crazy!  But I went to her blog and enjoyed hearing about her life.   She posted pictures, recipes, books she was reading to her daughter.  I really enjoyed getting to know her better by reading her blog.  So I began and started my own blog called:

I didn’t know what I would write about or if anyone would want to read it.  However, my mommy friends joined in and we became our own little moms blog group.  It was a life line for me with young kids.

Now, 9 years later, I want to get back to that simpler place.  I would think of what I wanted to talk about that day and post it.  Then leave to do other things.  Now, I check my other media outlets regularly because I have them on my phone and I want to see what other people are doing way too often.  I want them to know that I care about what is going on in their lives.  I want to stay in contact with my friends in other places.  But really, does it have to happen every hour?   Blogging used to be once a day on the computer.  It has been very interesting being an inspiring singer/songwriter/worship artist (if anyone has a better title please let me know) lol!  I have gotten sucked into the idea that being on facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin etc. is a great way to connect and share more about my ministry.  It is, but to tell you the truth those things are draining me.  I think I’d like to try to just blog again.  Ya know, we only have 24 hours or 12 hours ,give or take a few, in a day.

Here is the tension…I want to be heard.  I want to leave my stamp on life.  So I try to connect.  The internet has paved the way for me to reconnect with so many people from my past.  So I try to stay connected.  However, it is taking me away from spending more quality time seeking after God and being in His Presence. I felt His Presence today at church and I didn’t want to leave.  His Spirit was so refreshing.

Can you relate?

I am going to try to get back to the basics of socializing on the internet.  This blog.  We’ll see how that goes.  I know a lot of you are much better at balancing social media then me.  You have a gift that I just don’t have. = )  We’ll see how this goes…

Lara~ & itunes

One thought on “To Blog or Not To Blog – that is the question ~

  1. I love your thoughts. And hear I am pulling away just for a few days from social media and blogging, getting posts done for the sites where I have deadlines and pulling back from social media so I can be fully present with my family who’s home this week. It’s a tricky balance. And I hear the Lord saying above all, “Spend time with me first.” As we do that, He will give each of our days! I’m glad you’re hear to read and hear your thoughts!


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