ARISE Conference in 2 weeks!


I can’t believe this is actually happening! I have to tell the story of how this conference came to be.

A year ago, a mom friend of mine asked me if I would prayerfully consider writing for her blog once or twice a month on my experiences with motherhood? She had started a blog geared specifically towards moms and was finding other writers to join the team.  I was honored she would ask me and a little insecure about my writing abilities, but with her support I said yes.

It was fun to look back at all of my mommy memories and find God’s hand in them which I could pass on to other moms.  I really loved what she wrote also and her heart for ministry.  I enjoyed getting to know some of the other contributors too.  What a wonderful blessing this was for me.

Well, in September, she contacted me and told me that God was moving her and the team to create a conference just for moms where they could go to be refreshed,encouraged and loved.  We talked about having it in Chicago the following summer.  That news was very cool and exciting.  One or two weeks later, we chatted again.  This time she asked if I was interested in coming to Florida in October?  In October?!?  Wow!  My heart was there, but there wasn’t a feasible way for me to get there.  We began to pray and God made it possible for all of the logistics to fall into place.  The doors kept on opening. It was surreal to be on this journey with my friend whom I have yet to meet face to face. = )  She asked if I would be the worship leader for the event and sing my “Being A Mom” song.  I couldn’t believe it!  Me?  So amazing!

So in two weeks I will be flying over to Florida to be apart of this God-filled event!  There will be Live Streaming as well so moms from around the world can join in!!  Arise Parties are already being started with moms who cannot physically be there.  It will be an incredible evening.  It is hard for me to say that because I can be pretty insecure at times, but this is totally above me and I know it!!  I know God is making all of this happen.  I just need to do my best, be sensitive to His Spirit’s leading and get out of His way so He can bless the moms who attend.

If you would like to know more about it, you can click on this link: NotAloneMom


Lara~ & itunes

One thought on “ARISE Conference in 2 weeks!

  1. WOW, Lara! God just keeps moving you in ways to not just be blessed but to bring joy and blessings to others. I think this conference is going to be blessed to have you there leading worship. And, of course, as it is with most blessings they will just keep moving and expanding into others’ lives touching them in ways you will not know util the day we all meet in heaven. I am sure you will have a marvelous time, as always, leading worship and I wish I could be there to see the joy and the deep breaths of gratefulness for what this conference will do for each and every one of you! Love you friend!….you go girl 🙂


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