Not Tech Savvy AT ALL!!!

So as you can see, I have changed my blog again. I have a husband who is so gifted. He is more than capable to update my website, blog, social media sites, etc. However, because he is so gifted, he doesn’t have time in his day to focus on these things since his gifs are needed for his job. We don’t have a lot of money to hire someone to help me. That leaves me trying to do those things on my own. I KNOW God did not create me to be a web designer. Code is gobbly guk to me. He also did not bless me with an engineering mind. Nope NOT AT ALL! Engineers are like famous people to me. I am just in awe of what they can do. = )

I have decided to leave my website alone and focus on a simple blog that shares in a simple way, who I am and who God has created me to be.

There will be no glam, no picture sliders, no original music playing in the background. Just plan ol’ me and my thoughts with maybe a picture thrown in. And to tell you the truth, I kinda like it this way.

So cheers to the new and simple update of my blog ~


Lara~ & itunes

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