The Rip Current ~

I didn’t realize how I had been pulled under by a rip current of stress, but I think I have. There have been new developments in my life that are all great. However, I think deep down my emotions are stressing out my body, producing heart palpitations and fatigue. It amazes me how our bodies can been so effected by life’s circumstances. I can’t “fool” my body. No matter how I act on the outside, my soul knows what is truly going on and reacts.

My husband prayed for me tonight and asked God to help me release all of my stress, knowing that He was in charge and was going to take care of the future. I am so glad Brian prayed that prayer of peace over me. He is right. I release all of the new changes into God’s hands. They are exciting changes and I know with God’s help I will be able to handle them.

I’m sure whoever is reading this might be wondering what these changes are. Well, I will be homeschooling my kids this fall. I realize that will totally open a can of worms so that is why I am saying it here on my blog and not on Facebook. lol. It is unfamiliar territory, but I am very excited about all of the possibilities. (don’t worry I am aware of the pros and cons to homeschooling). I also am going to be leading the worship for a CBS group in town. Plus, I have taken on the position of Director of Women’s Ministries at my church for the year. Oh yeah, and I am working to move my piano and voice students over to a music studio, hopefully gaining a few more.

With God all things are possible. Plus, I am really looking forward to the space and freedom my kids will have to learn and experience life. I can’t wait! Hopefully, we will get some traveling in and discover new and exciting places together. And if it fails in a year, no harm done. I know my kids will be fine and recoup.

Well, that’s about it. I feel better getting that out in the open. If you have any good advice about homeschooling I am open to hearing it.

Lara~ & itunes

2 thoughts on “The Rip Current ~

  1. Lara, I have no doubt that your plans will have moments that are stressful, and even a little scarey, but with Brian and others of us who know and love you praying for you I know you will prevail in whatever your decisions are now or later if you decided to go a different way altogether. You have a strong willingness to turn your life, hopes and dreams over to God and let Him direct your life. I see this being no different so I have confidence the stress will not consume you. I do not know anything about homeschooling but will pray that someone who does comes along side of you to help you get started and to support you along the way.


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