The Everyday ~

I am 35, almost 36 and find myself racing mentally and physically every day.  My day starts either at 4:30am when I wake up and can’t go back to sleep or 6:30am when my kids start shuffling in their room and our puppy Molly begins to whine in her crate.  Physically and mentally I am not functioning well, but the demands out way my need for a slow wake up period so off I go to face the every day.  I get the kids ready, I get myself ready, I feed and potty our puppy, I take the kids to school, I run errands, I walk the dog, I clean, I work, I walk the dog, I eat lunch or brunch, maybe take a short nap, shower, pick up the kids, work on their homework, clean, make dinner, have dinner, walk the dog, clean, teach lessons, put kids to bed…By the time the evening rolls around I can barely form a logical thought or sentence.  My eyes are droopy, I am snacking on something and not sure what to do next.  I do this routine pretty much every day.  Sometimes it feels like I am a hamster on it’s exercise wheel that can’t get off.

Now, I observed something very interesting a few days back that made the wheels in my head turn faster. lol.  During my nonstop day, I saw an older couple that lives on our street walking slowly side by side at the neighborhood park.  At the same time as my rushed life’s everyday routine, they were slow, taking it all in.  They actually do their walking routine three times a day everyday. They also walk their grand kids to and from school.  I rush around each day feeling like I am pursuing my purpose in life or something.  They move slowly through each day at peace.  Do I have more of a purpose then they do?

After that moment, I actually had the chance later in the week to talk to their daughter about them.  She told me they came overseas, dropped everything where they were living, to come and stay with their family and help raise their children while they, the parents, worked.  This elderly couple put their lives on hold to serve their children and grandchildren.  They do not work, they are in a foreign country where they do not speak the language, they are bound by the routines of the school aged children and yet when I see them walking they are peaceful, thoughtful, together, and loving.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be like that!!!  I want to know how to slow way down and be okay with who I am and my purpose; every day.  How do they do it?  I really want to know.  They reminded me there is still much value and honor in taking a slower pace.

Even though to the every day observer, they might appear to have boring lives, but in actuality they carry much more honor and dignity then many of us do in a lifetime.  I am in awe of them.  They have helped me stare at the leaves on the trees just a little bit longer, stop to smell all of the roses on my walk with Molly each day, snuggle with my kids at inopportune times, and kiss my husband and smile at least once during my every day.

Thank you God for teaching me a lesson through your people.

Lara~ & itunes

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