Mount Hermon ~

My husband Brian and I recently got back from leading worship at a Couple’s Retreat in Mount Hermon. Previously, I attended their Worship Retreat that was Monday through Thursday. So it was a fulfilling week of worshiping God. Why am I blogging about my experience? Well, because I came to realize something really important in my life I wanted to document.

Before Brian and I were married, around 1996, I found myself traveling around the world, singing at different events, staying in 5 star hotels, flying first class and meeting lots of amazing people…..all by myself. I was 19 and experienced so many amazing things. When I got into my hotel room in Thailand, I started jumping on my King size bed so excited about the adventure I was having, but stopped, feeling a deep sadness. I had no one to share this experience with. It was then I prayed and told God if this was going to be my kind of life, I didn’t want to experience it anymore without a husband to share it with. I looked out the window to the canals and market below, feeling very alone.

Fast forward a bit, I met and married the love of my life, Brian. He was a professional commercial and residential painter, but transitioned pretty quickly to a worship pastor in training position. We had two children and my life became all about them.

A few more years past, we moved again to where we are now in Pleasanton, where Brian became the worship pastor at Centerpointe Presbyterian Church and I started my solo worship leader/singer/songwriter career with my worship album, “I Will Follow,” that was released last year. I’ve been moving in that direction, but have been feeling something was missing and not very excited about going down that path without Brian by my side.

Then came an opportunity to lead worship for Mount Hermon’s Couple’s Retreat and I have to say that my heart was full being able to lead alongside my husband. I loved watching him share scripture, shepherd the other couples through worship and have the chance to sing with him. It felt like an answer to my prayer all of those years ago in Thailand. I got to share the Mount Hermon experience with my best friend. We mountain biked, ate ice cream, took long walks and enjoyed being together. We got to do what we love best; lead others to a deeper place with God. It was such a special gift.

I don’t have any idea where God is going to take my album or what door He is going to open next. All I know is that I hope there will be many more opportunities where I can lead worship with my husband Brian. He completes me. I love, love, love sharing life with my family.

This blog won’t let me upload any pictures of our time, but you can see them on my Facebook Page: href=”” title=”Facebook Page” target=”_blank”>

God bless,

Lara~ & itunes

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