What’s New Whoa Whoa Whoa ~

Ha ha! Do you ever get stumped when someone you haven’t seen in a while says, “What’s New?” or “How have you been?” I do all the time it seems. Just this morning a mom friend asked me and my mind went blank. I know I have been busy. I know I haven’t had a lot of down time, but what have I been filling it with? Oh yeah, I have a puppy. And her immediate response was “OH, yeah.”

Puppies, babies, new jobs, new whatevers, always jerk us out of our comfort zones and shake us up a bit. I love our puppy, Molly, but that girl has really taken me through the ringer. She does sleep through the night thanks to her previous owner’s kindness, but just this morning we had five potty episodes, three poops and two of them inside. How do I potty train this little one when she is so random?!? lol. We are starting to get into a routine and hopefully she will grow out of this puppy stage and make her place in our family.

Because my world has been shaken up a bit by our new addition, I’ve been flittering from one thing to the next, doing a little bit here and a little bit there, but not really finishing anything. I am finally getting back to doing my devotions every morning before everyone gets up. It is still very difficult, but I hear from God much clearer and receive more direction for each day. God is helping me figure out what should take priority and what should be put aside for the time being.

I work four jobs right now; mom/wife, piano/voice teacher, crochet/designer, and worship leader. Craaaaaazy! I really believe God wants me to focus on serving others with my music so that comes before the crochet business. I’ve squished my lessons into just a couple of days which has helped and have been mindful to not put anything more on my plate. This is very tough to do, since I don’t like saying no and the “need” doesn’t end. I am on my bed with my blanket and even though I am working right now on the computer, I am at least resting and not filling every minute with my rushed “to dos.”

God wants me and you to stop and listen throughout each day. One way for me that I love is looking up or out the window. Whenever I am lost in my thoughts I tend to look down. Do you? So when I consciously look up I get out of my mind and see creation, feel the breeze, hear the birds, feel the sun. It breaks up the grind. Let’s do that today; me and you. Let’s find 5 things to be thankful for and say them out loud. k? = )

Mine are:

1) My laundry is almost at a managed state lol!

2) The sun is shining outside

3) I am hungry and have food and water in our fridge to choose from

4) My IPod with lots of great music to listen to

5) My husband scheduled a date for this weekend. Yippey!!

Okay your turn…What’s yours?



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