It’s December Already?

Wow, I can’t believe it! We haven’t even decorated our house yet. Yikes!

Last month was all about thankfulness. What should this month be about? The Holiday Rush? Christmas Songs? Caroling? Buying the best presents? Crunch Time? Vacation? Family? Budget? It really didn’t start out to be any of those things and sometimes it is really hard to remember. This holiday season was intended to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The word Christmas actually means, “Christ’s Mass.” I did not know that until today. Wikipedia is so cool!

What would happen if we all stopped everything else that goes along with Christmas and took each day in December to remember Jesus and why He came into this world in the first place. No gifts, no tree, no lights, etc… (It would be less expensive that is for sure lol) We would get together with friends and family, maybe have a nice dinner on Christmas Day, sing songs about Jesus, and talk about Jesus’ life and the gift He gave to all of us. What else would come out of that time? Maybe the desire to go bless others that day or this month? Maybe go around the table at dinnertime and say one special blessing or nice thought about each person present. How would our emotions be? Would we be calmer, peaceful, joy-full, kind, blessed, loved? I wonder….

Now I realize that is not the reality most of us live in. This is the busiest time of year for our family with all of the Christmas celebrations and services at our church. And I am thinking about all of the “to dos” I have til’ Christmas time. But as I am writing this blog, I am realizing Christmas was intended to be simple, pure and special and I don’t want our family to lose sight of Jesus this year. I hope we can find a good balance this December.

On a silly note, I wanted to invite you to join me in getting into the Christmas spirit, by singing Christmas songs via my Facebook Fan Page
These first few days we’ll sing the fun holiday songs and you are more than welcome to offer suggestions too, but as the days get closer to Christmas, we will begin to direct our focus onto God’s amazing gift He gave to each one of us through His Son, Jesus as we sing the tradition spiritual Christmas songs. I hope it will bless you and get our hearts ready to celebrate Christmas the way it was intended to be celebrated from the very beginning.

God bless you and may God’s Light shine down on you this Christmas,

Lara~ & itunes

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