Exciting November ~

This mom was not bred for routine. I am a free spirit by nature who soars wherever the wind takes her. At least that is how I was before kids. For eight years now I have been conditioned to work around routines. So when something new and out of the ordinary comes along, I am SO excited!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I took our kids up to Washington for a few days to be with my parents, go to a worship conference, The Christian Musician Summit (one of the best btw!), and to lead worship at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue. It broke the routine of our lives and brought something new and exciting. I was thankful to have my family with me and to spend some much needed ALONE time with my husband Brian during the worship conference. It was great!

I am back to reality again. lol. But, excited, renewed and ready to write more songs and enjoy each day of my life.

I thought I would post some pictures, videos and my videolog that go into a little bit more detail of this exciting November: (for some reason I am only able to upload a couple at this time)

Bob Bennett is an amazing lyricist. I had the privilege of sitting in to a critique session with him and Brenton Brown. It was very inspiring!

These songwriters are amazing. We sing many of their songs on a regular basis at church on Sundays. They said to write, write, write. To never turn off the creative voice during the beginning of a song. And to embrace writing bad songs. lol. Because eventually a good one will come out.


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