Oh, It’s The Most Stressful Time Of The Year~

Forget about Christmas and finding the best presents and going to all of the parties. Stress begins at Halloween time in our family. The older my kids get, the more I am finding out about “peer pressure” and the “coolness” factor. Well, the stores that carry costumes don’t care about my dilemma; they strive to profit from it. The median price of a costume that is cool and popular is around $35.00. Times that by two and I would need to pay $70.00 for a parade at school and one evening out trick or treating. That is a lot in my opinion. Not only that, but the kids wanted to be ghosts and mummies and vampires and witches. We wanted them to go in a different direction so there were many heated conversations on what options they had for a costume.

Finally, the kids decided on what they wanted to be. Josh wanted to be Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers (store bought is $40-$50) and it was out of stock, Hannah wanted to be a ZooKeeper because she loves animals. This mommy was going to make their costumes. I’m creative, I crochet hats for people, I can do this! I take them to the fabric store. Hannah finds a stuffed tiger, Josh finds fleece material. Then we go to Target to get khaki pants for Hannah. We are all set. I come home, tell Brian, and he shakes his head. Since he is wiser than me in a lot of areas, he realizes I am in WAY over my head on this one. But I am determined.

In about 6-8 hours of trial and error, I was able to make a boa constrictor for Hannah (which she decided not to take to school for the parade) and Josh’s Yoshi costume. I couldn’t believe it. And even though it was lots of work I had fun and the kids did crafts around me which made it a family experience.

Here comes the real stressful part…they got all dressed up ready to go, took them to school a day too early. Oh no! The parade was the following day. How could I have missed that? We drove back home, got changed and had some difficulty getting them inspired to go back to school late.

Now, today comes along, Josh’s costume comes a part which scares him and he doesn’t want to go to school. While he is staying in bed, I sew it back together again, trying to prove to him that it was securely fastened this time. Finally, he gets in his costume. We are ready to go to school.

The kids had fun which I was so grateful for, but I had a horrible vision that they were going to be the only kids without scary costumes. Thank goodness I was wrong and they fit right in. The parents stayed 45 mins longer to watch the parade and take pictures. All of that work. I did take mental notes of the costumes that looked inexpensive, cool and quick to pull together for next year. Oh yeah…the hippie, a minecraft head made out of a box, a blow up m&m, a soccer dude, pj’s, clown, and cheerleader. Ya know what? They will probably choose something else because I am also finding out that moms are out of date and weird. But, but, but I was fun and cool once….I think….

Oh well, the joys. I do love my kids so much though. Hannah helped her brother out and was very loving towards him. She too, looked adorable as a zoo keeper. I was so proud.

Tonight, we will be planning to go to an assisted living place in our neighborhood because the older folks pass out candy to the kids who come. I am really looking forward to blessing them and allowing them to see little kids in their cute costumes. It will be good for our kids to give to others even while they are receiving candy.

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Here are a couple of pictures:

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