Great Evening ~

Brian and I had a little date night tonight. We were able to hang out at the mall; before kids style! = ) It was very strange. There were a couple of times when we looked at each other with “deer in the headlights” expressions, not knowing what to do or where to go next. I found it to be pretty funny.

We had time to talk about many things without the interruptions and fighting for attention we are use to from our children. I asked him what he thought my next steps should be now that the album is released and all. Should I start scheduling places to go sing? Should I market myself? What should I do?

My husband, Brian is one of the wisest men I know. One of his spiritual gifts, I believe, is wisdom. (hope you are not embarrassed right now babe) lol. He said, “what is your purpose?” I said, ‘to minister to the church and lead them to a deeper place of worship.’ He said, “yah, that is probably your mission statement and something that is not unique to you, but what is your purpose?” Well, uh, hmmm…

He got me. Before, it had been to sing to the greater church globally, bringing encouragement and specific messages God desired to communicate to His people. I wanted to be part of a spiritual revival in the church and believed it was coming. That still is what drives me deep down, but the vision and passion comes with an unrealistic view of how I should achieve that (notice the “I” and not including God’s guidance?) Brian, explained that in his life God moved him from one step, to the next, to the next without skipping steps. He said I was looking too far ahead and to probably achieve the step right in front of me first and be open to whatever God has planned for the next step to follow.

So I am contemplating what my purpose is that God wants to reveal to me. I really need to be in prayer on this. Why am I blogging about this topic? Because I know there are other artists and songwriters and people going through the same thing I am going through. They are also asking, “What is my purpose?” If that is you, I want to encourage you by letting you know you are not alone in this. It is a tough. We could just follow our feelings and do what we want or what society is telling us we should do, BUT, if we do, we might miss what God is really wanting us to do next.

I will keep you posted on what God reveals to me….hmmm things that make you go hmmmm…..Remember that song? = )

Lara~ & itunes

One thought on “Great Evening ~

  1. Great post Lara! I always appreciate how you move from you primary thought to what the real goal is. It is very encouraging to me. I think Brian has an awesome grasp on how to counsel you in this…a very wise man. You will get to that purpose…how do I know? Because I have come to know you and how your heart consistently reaches out to God and to know His will for you in your journey. You are a wonderful friend and even more, a great witness to God’s love, mercy, and generosity. Love you friend and continue to look forward to your updates on your walk with Jesus!


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