Being Honest ~

September 4th, 2011 – Journal Entry

Me – God, I’m tired and a bit grumpy. It is 5am. Why did I wake up this early? I feel anxious about going to the Christian Musician Summit. I am making scenarios in my mind. I am also getting sucked back into using the computer. What should I do?

Holy Spirit – Why do you watch the news? Don’t you realize I am in charge of everything? Every time you read the news your anxiety goes up. You don’t need to know about all that goes on in the world. You can only take so much information. Save that storage space for Me. Fill it up with good and noble things. My grace is sufficient for you. (I was reading the news online the evening before. I woke up with all of the latest events swimming in my mind and it was also getting me worried about the other things coming up in my life)

Holy Spirit – The more information you take in, the more judgmental you become. Rest in My love for you. Rest and know I am taking care of you. Thank you for coming to me when you did. And noticing there needed to be a change in your heart. There is so much fighting for your attention. That is why it is important to come to Me first and hear from Me. Then everything will begin to make sense around you. You don’t need to be afraid Lara. I am with you. I know your future. Everyone dies. (this was a great fear of mine coming back up to the surface) Remember I am taking care of the details. I am taking care of you. Rest and know I love you and I want what is best for you. It just takes trusting in my love for you. You are My child. I would never hurt My child. Take heart I have overcome the world.

Me – So life just needs to be simple then?

Holy Spirit – You can find Me in the storms and in the peaceful times. Strip life from the distractions and you will find Me more clearly.

My Distractions:

1) The news
2) Reading everyone’s posts often
3) Keeping myself busy without stopping for a long break
4) Daydreaming
5) Being lazy
6) Worrying about what other people think

I am craving something to comfort me, like a coffee or tea

Holy Spirit – I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Jesus Calling devotional – “Worship Me by living close to Me. This was My original design for man, into whom I breathed My very breath of life. This is My desire for you: that you stay near Me as you walk along your life-path.”

Holy Spirit – Why don’t you sit at your piano and sing to Me. I love it when you sing to Me privately. It is so raw. It is from your heart. Don’t worry if your songs will be a success. They are beautiful expressions of your love for Me. I miss them. Please sing for Me, Lara.

Lara~ & itunes

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