To Do List ~

August 20th, 11′ Journal entry – I woke up with my “to do” list on my mind and God said, “don’t start your day with your “to do” list. Make time for Me.

Jesus Calling, “As you increasingly find fulfillment in Me, other pleasures become less important…Knowing Me intimately is like having a private wellspring of Joy within you. This spring flows freely from My throne of grace, so your Joy is independent of circumstances…If you feel any deficiency, you need to refocus your attention on Me.” based on Psalm 131:2; Psalm 21:6; Psalm 37:7

Psalm 37:7 “do not fret; it leads only to evil.”

Spirit – Enjoy this day Lara.

Journal Entry – I sing because it is my life-line. It is my intimate way of taping into God’s life source. It is the best way for me to communicate. Music through singing; through composing; through playing the piano feeds my soul and brings me joy. I don’t think Satan wants me to do it. Because I procrastinate and tell myself I’m not that good. What would I play on the piano or write that people would like? But tonight I fought against those thoughts and decided to sit and play something. God is in charge of the big stuff such as booking, networking, getting my name out there (if that really matters unless God is driving it) I am in charge of nurturing the gifts He has given me and using them for His glory whether it be at home when no one is listening or on stage in front of thousands; at my church or serving out in the community. My goal used to be becoming a professional, famous, Christian singer/songwriter. Now my goal is to glorify Jesus Christ and point to Him, helping to bring God’s kingdom here on earth wherever I am planted.

I should be writing for God’s purposes alone.

Lara~ & itunes

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