An Unexpected Honor ~

Got the privilege to listen to Ken Blanchard last night talk about leadership. I am looking forward to reading “Lead Like Jesus.” But last night I started writing down what I valued. I want to make sure my values are not being skewed. He said one of the most important leadership roles by far is the Parenting Role. That hit me. Yes I write songs and I love to sing. Yes I am a worship director’s wife and lead in my church. But I cannot forget that my most important leadership role is with my children. I want to lead them to be like Jesus.  The only way I can do this effectively is to be in constant relationship with Jesus.  To study His life and to implement His leadership skills into my role as a parent.  To die to myself daily and ask God for enough grace for each day and surrender to His leadership in my life.  Oh yeah, and to pray like crazy over my kids.  What an unexpected honor is was to sit and listen to a great Christian leader like Ken Blanchard.

Lara~ & itunes

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