Album Update ~

I am sorry it has been so long.  I have been juggling all the “to dos” plus had a great Spring Break with close friends, celebrating my daughter’s birthday. = )  Still working on the album.  My producer Matt, is pretty busy with other projects because he is so good at what he does, but we have a timeline so that is good.  When I feel better and my ear infection is gone, I plan to rerecord some vocal parts.  I recently cowrote a song called “In The Game” that I will probably put on the album.  There is one that Matt and I need to start production on.  And I am going to try to write one more in a dance/pop style.  All of this will definitely keep me busy.  So excited.

During this process I am going to be asking for donations towards the project through KickStarter.  It will be easier than buying my “Beginnings” album on my site.  More fun too!  I need to do a promo video for it and with kids that can be difficult to do professionally.  What I was thinking of doing is using the “if you can’t beat em’ join em'” mentality and incorporate my kids somehow in the video. lol.  We’ll see.  I also am gigging out more as a solo christian artist at the fair this year and 1st Weds. in downtown Pleasanton.  God has interestingly enough opened up other opportunities for me to sing cover tunes around the tri-valley.  It is very fun to follow where God is leading me.

That is it for right now.  Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting my music ministry.  God bless ~

Lara~ & itunes


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