Flying High In The Sky ~

I am flying back home as I write this.  I looked down a minute ago to see the snowcapped Rockies below through the thick puffs of clouds.  What an amazing site to see.  I have Brenton Brown’s ‘Everlasting God’ album playing on the IPod.  That is a great cd that helps me fill my mind with scripture and God’s promises.  It is true that music is medicine to the soul.  It can help to quiet the anxious heart especially when we feed the heart with God’s truth.  It is scary for me to be so vulnerable and completely out of control with my environment (Side Note: did you ever stop to pronounce that word?  En-Vi-Ron-Ment.  My daughter would have fun spelling that one lol)  I think I have a bit of a controlling personality at times especially as I get older.  How humbling it is for me to be in an airplane.  I find myself clinging tightly to God.  I am at His mercy.  It is here buckled up between the window and another passenger that I see clearly how I am God’s servant.  My life is not my own.  He know the number of my days.  He knows the plans He has for me.  I am commissioned to trust Him and follow His leading.  To serve Him whole-heartedly.  So even though my heart beats faster during take off and I wait in expectation for our safe landing, I see a wonderful lesson being learned as I am flying through the air.  Thank you God for using this moment in my life to teach me how to keep You in the for front of my heart.

Lara~ & itunes


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