My Mic Is Here!

I am so excited to finally have the condenser mic come in the mail!  It has a way better sound than my older mic.  It picks up all the little nuances of my voice.  I can play with the sound vocally when I am singing.  It is the best!   We still have to figure out how to prep the room for it.  The sound is bouncing off all of the walls right now.  I am trying to get creative to soften the sound a bit.  So we’ll see. = )

My producer Matt, has been working on a song right now and I am loving it.  I love being able to feel the emotion of the lyrics with the melody.  This song is like one big prayer to God.  It is going to be wonderful to sing it live.

Now to my other life; the laundry.  Till next time….

Lara~ & itunes

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