Album Update ~

I have been working on the new album off and on due to life circumstances.  Ya know, being a mom and doing this is tricky.  Whenever I have a free moment I ask myself, ‘what should I use this moment for; cleaning, reading, errands, business correspondence, or album?’  There was some time last week when I sat down and started working on a new song called, “Coming Down.”   I still might change the title name, not sure.  Right now it is starting off with meditation/relaxation music which then changes into a more R&B/pop style.  I am really going for something completely different in this album that most have never heard me write.

When I grew up, I listened to every style of music imaginable it seemed.  In the car El Jerro played as well as, Michael McDonald, Orchestral music, Choral music, Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Sandi Patti, Chicago, Beatles, Petra, Pink Floyd, and the list goes on.  My dad was and still is a Music pastor/Arranger/Composer, so he opened my ears to so many possibilities.

In my 20s I was pursuing a career as a singer and then songwriter and found that most people in the industry were branded with one specific style.  It makes sense and works for many, but for me I always felt like I just didn’t fit in somehow.  I couldn’t see myself sticking with one genre of music.  Now that I am in my 30s, I am not signed with a Label, and there is nothing for me to loose on this project, I have the freedom to spread my wings and write/record music that I love to sing.  I am hoping that this album will have many different styles in it that encompass my passions as an artist and promotes culture in music.  A hint would be to anyone who has heard me sing, you will probably hear that style on this album = )

I have two other songs that are almost done, I just need to record the vocals on them.

So things keep moving along.  I am writing for the project as well when I get the time.  Mostly reading to fill my mind with what I want to write about so I can make my songs strong lyrically and theologically.  We’ll see.  This is a learning curve for me, but a great challenge.

(my children woke me up at 5:30am this morning so I am using this “moment” to write this post lol.)

Lara~ & itunes


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