Life Keeps Moving Along ~

I am sorry for taking this long to write another post.  I was hoping to write at least once every other day, but stuff has just been taking up my time.  First of all, we recently found out that my dad has prostate cancer.  When I heard the news I was pretty numb inside.  I already was praying for a couple of other friends who were dealing with cancer.  Our family isn’t immune to cancer either; the bubble we had has popped.  So there have been  many phone calls back and forth, prayers and waiting.  Thankfully the cancer wasn’t found in the bones or the lymph nodes.  My grandfather died of the same kind of cancer and so my father is really sensitive about it.  Which is completely understandable.  Plus, I have been immersed in the everyday schedule of being a wife and a mother and part of the ministry of our church.  It has left me little time to do much else.

A couple of fun things that have happened even through all of the busyness have been starting on the third song for the upcoming album I am working on.  I was listening to Beckah Shae’s Life cd and one of her songs had an awesome groove that went perfectly with one of my songs.  So I asked Matt if he could send me a drum loop that was similar to Beckah’s.  I am really looking forward to begin arranging for it.  Matt is amazing because he can take my arrangements that I do at home with my limited amount of software and make them fabulous.  I can’t wait to hear what he does to it.  Another thing is I am reading a book from Phillip Yancey called, “Soul Survivor.”  It is a great book to read and I highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with their faith due to things that have happened within the church and through spiritual questions that have come up.

It has been a joy to read again on a regular basis.  It calms me down and helps me to process through my thoughts.

Well, I better get the kids from childcare and go home to make dinner.   God bless ~

Lara~ & itunes


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