What Do I Want To Write About?

Well, my website is back up at www.laramarriott.com.  I had fun designing it, but man did that take A LOT of work and time.  And it probably could be better.  I tried creating a wordpress.org site, but my mind could not wrap itself around “code”.  I tried probably 5 to 10 times to do it and couldn’t figure it out even with wordpress.org’s fool proof (until I came along lol) 5 min download and set up instructions.  I just had to laugh.  I admire those of you who write code.  It is truly a gift from God that should not be ignored.  You are blessed. = )

My compilation cd that I am selling right now is helping to fund my next project!  I can hardly believe I am moving forward with this debut album.  It is truly an answer to prayer.  Thanks to all of you who have purchased a copy of it.  Your support is helping me afford the costs of having it professionally recorded.  Thank you.

As I am looking at this new project, I could go back and see if there are any songs I have written that I would love to hear done right and choose those for the album, but I feel led to go in a different direction by tying all of the songs together with a theme.  You see, this year I was challenged by a few conversations I had with some of my friends about God, about faith, and about the meaning of life.  I am finding that there are apathetic Christians in the church.  There are Christians who are avoiding the church.  There are some who have walked away from their Christian roots.  There are some people who believe in a tolerance mindset of loving everyone and living in harmony.  And there are those who are just fed up with their lives and are finding little to hope for.  These conversations have challenged my faith and are making me research what I believe in and why.  I want to write songs that address some of these issues with scripture.  I want to find answers to some of the questions out there about God. I want to sing about hope.

I have started writing a song with all of this in mind.  It has been so freeing for me.  Because I have been busy working on the website, recording songs, leading a songwriter’s group, being a mom, teaching voice lessons, leading worship and being a worship directors wife, I have had little time to devote to songwriting.  I have been scared actually to start writing again fearing I wouldn’t be able to write anything good.  This is a normal feeling to have I am finding out from other songwriters.  So to actually sit down and be creative again has been very fulfilling.  It helps me to process my thoughts and conversations with God.  It is a great outlet for me.  I am also doing some research right now by reading Phillip Yancey’s book “Soul Survivor” -How My Faith Survived The Church.  He is a well respected Christian author who is discussing how 13 renowned spiritual leaders helped to strengthen and shape his faith in God.  I am hoping to find new insight to apply to the songs I am writing for this project.

So those are the latest updates for right now.  Happy New Year!  May God bless you in 2011 ~


www.laramarriott.com & itunes


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